Who is Stuart?

a portrait of me a the ripe old age of 6
I have been swanning around seriously with  cameras since 1987.  A cyber flâneur, since 1996.

Throughout my life I’ve held numerous jobs. I have been a photo-educator  since 1993. I have taught at both a Vocational and Undergraduate level.

Other jobs have included Cab driving and pumping petrol. I also completed an apprenticeship straight out of high school.

My static site remains just that, but it does have a incomplete  gallery of my digital photographic projects. Flickr and tumblr are where I pour most of my creative digital energies. I have over 20 sub tumblrs alone, some vibrant others close to dormant.

My analogue work is printed and exhibited on occasion as well. I have exhibited in and around Melbourne and Adelaide on and off since 1987. Here’s a link to my CV

I live in Naarm/Melbourne, [in the inner West], with my Wife, we married in 2002, and our 2 Devon Rex Cats, Smudge & Spike.


I have been publishing works to a variety of formats since 1995. In 2022 I decided to create an imprint & publishing entity stuz art . I am also a founding member of the Melbourne Photobook Collective, where I sell some of my publications in the online shop.

Digital Garden?

This blog is attempting to be a central place for me to collect digital notes, thought ideas and inspiration and share them publicly . Some photographic, others not. It is never going to be a polished finished work, I hope  it will be a ‘digital garden‘.  At this point, mid 2021, I lack the skills to create sophisticated ones like, Tom Critchlow’s, however I am running one via Notion’s share feature here.

In the meantime, contact me if you want to collaborate or have something to share.