A.I., Photography, and our Futures | PhotoVogue Festival 2023: What Makes Us Human? Image in the Age of A.I.

A great exploration of AI and meaning and truth in a post-photographic era

About the author.
Stuart Murdoch is an Artist and Part time Photo Educator, with over 30 years of teaching experience. He contemplates many things photographic. His ruminations include his own work as well other’s and the aspects of technology that impact on the sharing and consumption of Photographs.
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3 thoughts on “A.I., Photography, and our Futures | PhotoVogue Festival 2023: What Makes Us Human? Image in the Age of A.I.”

    1. Thanks Gary, I was surprised by the ‘forum’ where it was held but nonetheless important and significant. I’ve read Ritchin’s ‘After Photography’ too it was as thought provoking as his ‘talk’.

  1. I haven’t read the book.

    I do accept his view that we have entered a code-based digital age and his idea that being surrounded by digital media is accelerating a reconceptualization of a worldview–ie., it is rapidly changing the world we know. That implies photography needs to be conceptually reconfigured in the wake of the field’s digitization and internet boom.

    However, Ritchin’s title ‘After Photography’ is misleading in the sense that the ‘after’ implies that photography is analogue, whereas historically speaking, analogue was just one technological form of photography–albeit a long lasting one . After Photography’ is similar to those who talk in terms of post-photography–eg., Stephen Shaw’s Post-Photography: The Artist with a Camera,

    Photography is not over –its ontology has changed with digital technology. In the language of art speak (ie., Rosalind Krauss) we have an expanding field of photography.

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