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I am a visual artist with a passion for photography, the W.W.W, digital technologies, and teaching. My aim is to become a member of a dynamic and vibrant team that teaches photography web design or any contemporary visual communication medium. My goal is to share my knowledge with as many like minded individuals as possible and expand my experience in the fields of Teaching [in particular photography], and Digital media, [with an emphasis on the self-publishing].

I feel that my wide experience in traditional photography and digital publishing technologies makes me a particularly suitable candidate for any teaching position in the creative industries, I have published several e-books, and am a founder and co-editor of a web site devoted to the exploration of the meaning and function of photography in the 21st century; altfotonet.

I am currently employed at the Photographic Imaging Centre, based at The Northern College of the Arts and Technology, teaching the Diploma of Photoimaging, as part of a small Team, to a large number of post VCE [High School] Students. In addition to photography, I also teach Photoshop, a program I have been working with since 1994. As other applications, like Aperture, Capture One and Lightroom become more vocationally relevant I continue to learn more about each of them. I have as a sessional lecturer in years past also taught several tools used heavily in the creative industries, including Photoshop®, Director® and Indesign® , since 2009 I have taught a semester long unit called 'Digital Fine Art Photography'.

Since 1995 I have had an interest in the WWW, and HTML. I have been using a variety of programs to build and maintain several web sites. I primarily use Dreamweaver® [for html], and Stylemaster [for CSS], I have experimented with programs like Skedit, and NVU, both powerful text based web design tools, the latter being open source-cross platform software.

Photography, Adobe Photoshop®, and the World Wide Web are areas I feel passionate about. I use these tools to publish on an ongoing projects. I currently publish a small web site that explores the notion of photography and what it means in the 21st century, [ISSN 1836-845X], [this site is being archived by the national library of Australia]. I have more work waiting to be published as exhibitions, and am constantly researching areas of interest to me in both the creative industries and Web 2.0 environments as well as more traditional means of exhibiting and publishing.

Education, Employment, Computer Skills, Exhibitions, Publications, Hobbies,



Melbourne University [Certificate IV in Training & Assessment TAE 4110]


Victoria University [Certificate IV in Training & Assessment TAA40104]


RMIT University [Master of Arts]


University of Melbourne [Postgraduate Diploma of Education-Secondary]


PIT, Philip Institute of Technology[ Bachelor of Arts [ Media Arts ] Majoring in photography].




PIC photographic imaging college @ NCAT

Photography Trainer & Assesor. Teaching Diploma of Photoimaging, in all areas of photography, black & white, colour, studio, and digital photography including Photoshop.

Other subjects and earas include, photobook making, using analogue and digtial tools, web design using Dreamweaver.

Victoria University

Sessional Lecturing, for the School of Communication Language and the Arts, teaching an elective entitled, Digital Fine Art Photography.

Deakin University, 2015

Sessional Lecturer in Photography, ACI101, and ACI103


Box Hill TAFE

Web Design Teacher [ Sessional ] Teaching Web design to E.D.I.M final year students.



Box Hill TAFE

Photography Teacher [ Sessional] Teaching VCE Media Students Photography.


State Library of Victoria.

Digital Photographer VPS 2 (0.6).


Computer skills

Macintosh platform:-

Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Indesign, Keynote, Numbers, Microsoft Word, StyleMaster, Expression Media, Lightroom, Aperture.

Windows platform:-

Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel.



2016 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2004, 2002, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1989, 1988, 1987


Weltraum, Group Exhibition Shimmer Photography Biennale Magpie Springs Gallery, Brookman Rd, Hope Forest South Australia

Abstractions x 5 Group Exhibition, 'Light Gallery' at the CCP, 138 Richmond Road, Marleston, South Australia


Ballarat Photo Bienalle, Fringe Exhibition, Time, The Lost Ones Gallery


CCP Sumer Salon, CCP George Steet, Fitzroy

awesome repeat x infinity bonus ;-o.; Trocadero Gallery Footscray


CCP Summer Salon, CCP George Steet, Fitzroy


Group Show, Eckersley's Art Store, Franklin St, Melbourne


Ballarat International Foto Bienale, Fringe group show, entitled 'The Sets Show', at the Woolstore in conjunction with the Melbourne Silvermine.


‘Guzzle It’ Workshop, Elizabeth St. City

‘Industrial Landscape’, Photospace, Dight St Collingwood.

‘In a moment’ Photospace, Dight St Collingwood.


‘Christmas Show’ Gallery 124, Sunshine

‘When your Beauty is also my beauty’Water Tower Gokerstrasse 3 Wilhelmshaven, Germany

‘Photography, by Local Artists’ Gallery 124, Sunshine

‘…across the river styx’ Solo Show  Trocadero Artspace, Footscray


‘Web to Wall’ 69 Smith St. Fitzroy


‘Two Points in Time’ Smyrnios Gallery, Prahran


‘Urban or Urbane?’ Solo Show First Site Gallery, Swanston Street Melbourne



‘Sight Insight Site’ Photographers gallery, Punt road South Yarra


‘The Big Picture’ Photographers gallery, Punt road South Yarra


‘Annual PIC staff show’ Photographers Gallery Punt Rd Sth.Yarra

‘Synaesthesia’ Stop 22 gallery, St.Kilda

‘Wild Places’ Linden Gallery, St.Kilda.

‘Xlrate Summer Salon Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy.



‘ a log book stands to a journey’ Solo show Photographers gallery. Punt road South Yarra.

‘Contemporary Art and Technology, 3rd Digital Imaging Awards.’Stop 22 St.Kilda

‘Sub Zero Summer Salon’ Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy

‘Annual PIC Staff show’ Photographers gallery, Punt road South Yarra.



‘Agfa Summer Salon’Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy.

‘Darebin Contemporary Arts show’ Darebin Town hall, Northcote.

‘Annual staff show’ Roar 2 Studios, Fitzroy.



‘Agfa Summer Salon’ Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy.

‘A Summer Roar’Roar 2 Studios, Fitzroy.

‘Open’ Hawthorn Secondary College.

‘Book Launch’ Exhibition ABC Book shop Sate Bank Galleria Melbourne.

‘Camberwell rotary club photography exhibition’ Malvern town hall, Malvern.



‘Agfa Summer Salon’ Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy.

‘Roar 2 members show’ Roar 2 Studios, Fitzroy.

‘Canterbury primary school's invitational annual art fair’ Canterbury Primary school, Canterbury.

‘Appearances’ Roar 2 Studios, Fitzroy.

‘Box hill Annual Invitational Art Exhibition’

Box Hill town hall, Box Hill.

‘Friends Loved Ones Exhibition’Gasworks Community Arts Centre, South Melbourne.

‘The Camera in Focus’Camberwell Rotary Clubs photography Exhibition, Camberwell.

‘The Big Little Picture Show’Centre for Contemporary photography, Fitzroy.



‘…familiar into foreign’ Brighton Bay Gallery, Brighton.



‘Graduate show’ Roar 2 Studios, Fitzroy

‘David Street, Inaugural fine Art exhibition’ David Street Gallery Carlton

‘Sights of South’ Photographic Exhibition Gasworks Community Arts Centre, South Melbourne.


‘Footscray Rotary Arts Show’ Footscray Community Arts Centre, Footscray.


‘The found object’ Linden Gallery, St.Kilda.


‘Brighton Technical School Student Show’ Brighton Technical school Brighton.




Art and Mathematics, a smal self published book, available form



Castelmaine Fleeting Glances, a self published e-book part of the SoFoMoBO project.



February; Launched Publication, altfotonet [ISSN 1836-845X], online at

Second Nature: International journal of creative media,

Vol 1, No 2 (2009) Games, Locative & Mobile Media The project itself.


ABC online

buy, buy, buy, self published and archived by the National Library of Australia

Lo-fi Vol 1 Self published, archived by the National Library of Australia




"Eight" Published by Photographic imaging college.


Essential but unplanned. 'The story of Melbourne's Lanes'

By Weston Bate

Published by the State Library of Victoria ISBN 07306 3598 8



Photography, photographic art, travel, movies, art, the WWW, electronic and desktop publishing.


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