Screen grab of the final version of website taken from a backed up archive
Screen grab of the final version of website taken from a backed up archive

Many years ago, I registered the domain name, It was an attempt to build a community of like minded folks who were creatives using cameras but who weren’t entrenched in the commercial art scene or the academic world of art theory and criticism. I even went out and registered an ISSX number for it, ISSN 1836-845X.

It was intended to be an online Zine kind of publication. I pubished 3 issues and they are archived at the National Library of Australia’s site trove.  The archived summary reads:-

Welcome to, we feel a unique idea, possibly the net’s first, peer based art review magazine/gallery, focusing on lens based practices, [no pun intended]. A kind of artist’s run cyber-gallery for image makers, using lenses in conjunction with light sensitive materials.

From the about page:-

This site sits somewhere between the democratic cacophony of sites like flickr and corporate styles of many commercial galleries, without the formality of state run institutions.

After those 3 issues the site lay farliy dormant. I did relaunch and rebuild the site at one point when I switched my hosting service. But after a couple of blog entries it again remained dormant. This year I decide not to renew the domain registration. So now other than Trove and the Way Back Machine, Altfotonet does not exist.

I did however set up a group on flickr to source images for it. That group still exists and ticks away quietly. Named obviously

This week I discovered I could run mulitple wordpress intallations on my website. And seeing as the internet is pushing back and trying to get weird again, I thought I would add a wordpress blog to try and keep the idea alive and running. I’m also really behind the idea of the small web too, and this seems a perfect use case.  Because Silicon Valley is getting less and less popular, thanks to Sam Altman Meta, and AI and the enshitification of the web amongst other things.

The address is . My plans at this point are loose, treat it as another blog albeit a bit more focussed than this one. Perhaps I may have guest editors, interview photographers, we shall see.

On the to do list is a plan resurrect as much as I can in terms of text, at the minimum. So an about page is in order and  perhaps a submission page too. If you want a body of work submitted contact me. Already in place a links page, contact me if you want your site added.

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