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    1. The .webp format, using lossy compression file sizes are dramatically reduced over jpeg, [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebP]. I luckily have an app that converts, so I open my files in RAW, process, and make my files smaller, save as a jpeg then open in Graphic Converter and save as .wbp format, then upload to my WP server. It’s going to save A LOT of room as I move forward. In the past I have simply “shared from” flickr using their share code. This adds a minute or two to the process, but saves tons of disk space on my server. Another reason I’m still “pro” on flickr. So the wbp approach saves a little time and keeps my disk space low, the “share from flickr” method takes a bit longer, but given the time factor I don’t always want to use it.

      1. Hi

        thnaks for explaining. I had no idea that this format exists. I was curious so I downloaded this image of yours – it has about 500 kb.
        I used to just resize my jpegs to about 600×400 to post on WP. But I was tired of resizing, so I don’t post there much any more.

        1. I too only recently discovered it after picking up a book and reading about HTML5.
          And yes the original ‘jpeg’ in my normal editing software comes in at about 3 to 4 mb with 2000 pixels on its longest edge, so this is a huge gain for me. I guess I could decrease the size of the image as well, but with today’s high resolution monitors why not show off as much detail as possible.

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