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About a year ago, an app surfaced that was attempting to usurp Instagram. It was using a paid model from the get go making it one of the more reasonable options. I was lucky to grab an account. A year later things are still a bit quiet in there, but that’s not a bad thing really. Some other tweaks that were recently brought to my attention are that there is now a web interface. The other changes have been, the ability to simply “appreciate” a photo, a bit like a like on Facebook or Instagram. Lastly they now have a broad range of categories to add your photo to to help its get found.
So its going to be another 12 months for me on this platform as yet again Instagram changed how it presents itself.

There is another free service called, I of course have an account there as well [s2art]

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2 thoughts on “Glass”

  1. TBH I’m still waiting to see Glass live up to the initial promise, and as another colleague said to me just a few weeks ago “it’s all about the Community, isn’t it?”

    I’ve been using Pixelfed for a while (I’m tempted to self-host an instance, even) but I’m a little worried about how it’s a one-man show, which raises red flags for potential longevity.

    Have you looked at ? That feels like This Year’s Model(tm), and I’m trying to work out what it really gives us beyond forcing you to tell people what gear you used (though as people have already discovered, you can just put rubbish in those data fields…), making it feel like little more than a slightly-customised version of Pixelfed that already looks like it’s trying to find ways to monetise.

    1. Thanks Cos, I have an account there too now, but will need to get cracking on my scanning, something I have sadly neglected this last decade or so.

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