Early Abstractions? [TyAT Edition]

abstract photogrpah
Early abstract experiments in digital photogrpahy 15th of August 2000

When I first started using digital cameras I was fortunate to have been given a then high end amateur type camera. Even at $2000.00 or so dollars it was far too “automatic” for my liking.  As a consequence I enjoyed trying to subvert these controls and make pictures that hinted at a photograph but could have been anything at all.
This is one example of my success in achieving this. I made this picture at home on the 15th of August 2000. Twenty years ago today.

About the author.
Stuart Murdoch is an Artist and Part time Photo Educator, with over 30 years of teaching experience. He contemplates many things photographic. His ruminations include his own work as well other’s and the aspects of technology that impact on the sharing and consumption of Photographs. And of course the act of making and taking photographs in the 21st century.

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