Melbourne’s skyline

A saw line rooftop dominates the foreground of this picture of Melbourne's CBD seen from its western edge. It's a warm but overcast Saturday. The middle ground is dominated by newly built apartments while the office buildings dot the horizon
Melbourne’s skyline seen from West Melbourne. 2024-01-20 11:53:39
Melbourne's city fringe seen from a balcony of an apartment situated on the North Western edge of the CBD. A pool which is part of the complex dominates the foreground, a palm tree centre frame paths the eye with many high rise builtins in the backgound one of which is the Royal Women's hospital
Melbourne’s north western edge from 8 stories up. 2024-01-20 10:53:38

Two views of Melbourne only made possible by our interest in real estate.

Some Saturdays my wife and I locate and list some properties that will give us an idea of what we could get for our money if we decide to change our lifestyle. This has the added benefit of getting to see parts of the skyline that we would not normally see.

These 2 views from Saturday just gone are from different properties in different parts of the western edge of the CBD.

This is probably as close as I can get to a true flâneur in my own home town of Melbourne.

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