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Stuart Murdoch, Artist, Photographer.


Hi I'm Stuart; to quote an inspiration of mine, John Cato, "I use cameras".

My online digital gallery can be viewed here.

This however is The page that hints at my digital/internet presence generally.

You know, the usual suspects; flickr, tumblr, instagram, a blog

All the links you need to get to know me are here.

The links will lead you anywhere you like, to find as little or as much about me as you desire.

Alternativley, I have an about page, of course, and a contact page too.

Perhaps you just want to email me, then use this address, stuartmurdoch at me dot com. [If you are a human you can decipher the code]


Remember to drop me a line if you need a hand with your shiny new Macintosh device.

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