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Stuart Murdoch, Photographer; Picture Maker; Geek!

About, Stuart Murdoch.

Hi, I'm Stuart Murdoch, [Artist | Picture maker | Publisher | Apple-Geek], I specialise in all forms of creative image construction/manipulation using still cameras, read my CV for more detailed information if you are considering giving me a job, or read my creative auto-biography.


As a visual artist I create for a variety of mediums, some online some more visceral and tactile. Visit my online portfolio/gallery to see some examples of the imagery I make.

Click to  the larger photo from this series entitled Ne0-Documentary, an ongoing photo based art project.

My early career in the fine arts began by making fine silver gelatin prints. Currently I focus on any and all forms of image construction using any photographic device at hand. I completed an M.A. in 2002, the summary of which, can be downloaded and read. The whole thing as an object, lives in the RMIT library and was a comparison between silver gelatin and inkjet technologies of the era.

These days however my list of chosen tools includes, black and white film or all formats from 35m to 5x4 inches, colour film, Polaroid® materials and cameras, digital and toy cameras, as a means of creative image construction and exploration. I have been toying with mobile phone cameras [iPhone, & Sony Ericsson K700i/k610i/C902], to see what kind of imagery I can create, and see if they are capable of producing bodies of engaging work. I upload a lot of my images to flickr, as well as tumblr. Each of these spaces is an ongoing series of experimental online permanent exhibitions, I also makes books.


I have been very fortunate to be part of a team of hard working educators at PIC photographic imaging college now since the early 1990's. In 2014 we shifted campuses to the Northern College of the Arts and Techology. I also taught at Victoria University, on a sessional basis 2004-2013, and have taught at Deakin University on a sessional basis, too. Read more on my CV.


click for a larger version of this picture from my Neo-Documantary Project

I have been tinkering with web publishing now since 1995/6. I once dreamt of becoming a fully fledged web designer or coder, not sure what happened there? My foray into the realm of web publishing has several driving factors behind it, the explosion into the public's awareness of the system itself, my becoming more conversant with computers, the reading of the book creating killer web sites, and my own personal belief in the power of the web to empower both self expression and ‘freedom of speech.’ Ultimately though I guess I am a somewhat frustrated, desktop publisher/publisher. The early 21st century medium of the world wide web, allows me to be my own publisher of the materials and content. Conent I produce or I have found on my journeys of picture making, research and publishing.

Web 2.0

I have contributed to COD magazine, an online collaborative project, that utilises blogging tools to create an ongoing dialog between participants spanning several continents. COD is the death of cool.

I co-edited, a magazine called Refractions. ISSN 2201-6066 until 2014.

I'm on all the curent crop of social media tools as well, which means I'm really stretching myself thin these days. Look hard enough if you know me, you'll find me.

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