Stuart's P D portal.

This is the entrance page to Stuart Murdoch's professional development portal.

Currently I use my Professional Development Blog to document my regular sessions of self directed PD, conducted where ever I can find internet access.

All other actvities will be listed chronologically, newest to oldest.

2010 : 2009 : 2008

2010 PD

Listed on the blog set up specifically for this purpose 307hrs for the year

2009 PD

Cert IV, in Training & Assessing TAA40104. [150 hours total]

2008 PD

All PD prior to this date, included a Master of Arts.

The PD was self directed, and included extensive online research about the use of the internet and web technologies.

With a focus on how to present content easily and correctly regardless of operating system or browser used.

My Masters looked at the history and use of Digital Fine Printing

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