Photography books

Bespoke or handmade photobooks

Not Landscape

Not Landscape Book

Self Published in 2022, Not Landscpe is a short rumination on the meaning and function of landscape photography in the 21st century.

A digital version resides on flickr


contact book

Self-published 2021

Contact is a photobook of 26 tipped in silver gelatin prints.

Body Bags & Other Misdemeanours

cover of body bags and other misdemaeours

Self-Published 2020

Body Bags & Other Misdemeanous is a 41 page stapled book with 27 photos printed on 100gsm stock


crux cover

Self-published 2017

crux, a small handcrafted zine, constructed from a single sheet of A4 paper. Avaiable for purchase by contacting me; for 5 dollars Australian plus postage

"Whats the ugliest part of your body?"

cover of whats the ugliest part of your body?

Published in 2017, in conjuntion with the Melbourne Photobook Collective, it too is available for purchase for $15.00 Aus plus postage. More information and images here.

The Ericsson Files 2007~2009


This edition has a tighter edit and is printed on a cheaper softback option. Either version can be purchased through blurb

Doorways to the West

Cover to Doorways to the west free e photobook

This typology, published October 2011, looks at factory doorways in the inner Western Suburbs of Melbourne, which happen to also be some of the oldest industrialised parts of the city. These areas are now mostly gentrified in the 21st century.

Castlemaine; Fleeting Glances 2011

Free Photography Book; Castlemaine, Fleeting Glances

This is the end result of the annual SoFoMoBo month. This year I travelled to Castlemaine and made a series of pictures that reflect my being an outsider looking in. It is free, download it and have a read, let me know what you think?

chance, [July 2010]

Free Photography Book, chance

I discovered during my cybertravels recently, SOFOBOMO, a site that encourages people the world over to self-publish, a small photographic book, within the constraints of a specified timeframe, using any software they can, that creates a pdf, [I used aperture]. I got involved and made, this small book, called Chance.

Chance is about 12 megabytes, [one of the constraints is to keep the book to a certain size, under 15 meg].

buy, buy, buy

Free Photography Book, buy, buy, buy,

A project that I have been sitting on since experimenting with my 1st digital camera has finally made it to fruition, buy buy buy is now available for download, this book, is 30 megabytes.

lo-fi volume 1

Free Photography Book; lo-fi Vol 1

Lo-Fi Vol 1, is a 18 meg download, and will require a pdf reader to open and view.

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Art & Mathematics, pub. 2012

Cover of Art & Mathematics, a photo book by Stuart Murdoch.This small book is available at cost price from, it is inspired by a quote from one of my favourite photographers, Frederick Sommer.

Finally, if you do download my book/s, and I have never met you in person, I simply ask you send me a postcard of some sort from wherever you live. to:-
Stuart Murdoch
c/o   NCAT Photography
62 Murray Road.
Preston 3072

I will acknowledge and, maybe even photograph and upload your postcards, somewhere on the web.

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