Our wedding and reception 2002.

A warm and balmy night at Lavandula in Daylesford.

Nik and I pose during the wedding reception

The album is hosted on flickr.

I was nervous as all hell at 5:25 pm but by 6:00 pm I was as happy as Larry, and ready to party! Despite my nerves everything went real smooth, the weather was great, the food was good, - no, AWESOME! The weather exceeded my expectations, a warm to hot day and a warm balmy evening, it just made the whole evening more special.

The ride from the reception to the after party at the pub in the bus was surreal though, 8 people in a 45 seater bus, woo hoo

My hangover the next day was minor and we caught up with a whole bunch of folks the next morning for a great breakfast at 'The Springs' yummm!

We had our honeymoon in New Zealand, from March to April. [Be warned this is a dark and dusty corner of my website untouched since I wrote it in 2003.]