Here is our breakdown and rating of the dozen or so places we stayed in in N.Z. during our honeymoon from late March to early April 2002. This should include our ritual photo in the room. We forgot in the last hotel, and once in another, Fox Glacier, there we simply wandered back into our room after checkout and shot it anyway.

Here is the list of hotels we stayed in, in the order that we traveled.

Here's my best to worst list, Nikki agrees with it also so I guess this makes it our list, best to worst!

1. Martinborough Pub [Martinborough]
2. Millennium [Christchurch] we forgot to take our ritual photo here!
3. Rosewood B&B [Greymouth]
4. The Heritage [Hanmer Springs]
5. Okawa Bay Lake Hotel [Rotoiti]
6. Explorer Lodge [Te Anu]
7. Carlton Hill Lodge [Christchurch]
8. Village Inn [Te Anu]
9. The Sheraton Towers [Aukland]
10. Fox Glacier Hotel [Fox Glacier]
11. Sherwood Manor [Queenstown]
12. The Grand chancellor [Aukland]
13. Manor Inn [Dunedin]
14. Brentwood, AKA 'Da shit box' [Wellington]