Self Portrait

A footpath and fence in an inner suburb of Melbourne shows an empty box and the artist's shadow inside the box. The box has the word free written on it while the garden in the background is locked behind a fence
Self-portrait 2024-02-08 14:43:20

Carrying a camera everywhere, has had a significant affect on my creative endeavours. Never more so than when I walk. Yesterday I was out and about, on a student excursion. We visited the CCP, which hs an excellent exhibition about the German publishing house Spektor. I may revist the current ‘zine’ I’m working on as a consequence.

On the way home as I meandered towards the nearest tram stop I discovered an empty box on the footpath with the word FREE written on it. Initially I was interested n the irony of an empty box with the word free written on it in a busy urban environment. Then as I shifted composition I noticed my shadow was in the picture. Having one’s shadow in the picture you make is often considered bad form. But I realised I could make a silly little statement by putting the shadow of my head in the box. Two clicks and a few seconds later  and I moved on.

Stuart Murdoch is an Artist and Part time Photo Educator he ruminates on many things photographic. From his own work to others as well as aspects of technology that reflect on the sharing and consumption of Photographs.

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Flânuering in Frankston

I recently had the good fortune to  stay overnight in a suburb called Frankston. While not that distant from where I live, it is far enough away to be out of the way. I haven’t walked the streets of this shopping precinct in Frankston for more years than I can remember. I in fact I may have never walked this part of Frankston. But I spent an hour or two wandering the CBD of this bayside suburb.

To say I was pleasantly surprised would be putting it mildly. I only have vague recollections of the shopping centre. It is now serviced by all the major food chains and there was lot s of pedestrian friendly “open” space.

I have to admit it’s rare that I feel a tourist in Melbourne, but here I was in Frankston feeling completely foreign; like the proverbial ‘fish out of water’. Nonetheless I could not help myself and wander about and grab a few images that caught my eye. As is often the case I found the small laneways and backstreets the most compelling.

Here’s a series of pictures I thought looked interesting.

a collection of dumped or abandoned chairs in a laneway in Frankston
a collection of dumped or abandoned chairs in a laneway in Frankston
Backs of older buildings often have more interesting things to see.
Backs of older buildings often have more interesting things to see.
Murals everywhere, is it street art though?
Murals everywhere, is it street art though?
The train station precinct in Frankston
The train station precinct in Frankston, surprisingly quiet for 8:00am on a Tuesday.
A red sign indicating the direction of the beach
A red sign indicating the direction of the beach amongst the pedestrianised area south of the Train station.


When these pictures make it to flickr, they will be titled with their exact time, and include geotag coordinates.

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Victorian Archives Centre, Exhibition Callout

Victorian Archives Centre, Exhibition have a callout for a new exhibition.

We are looking for photographs taken in Victoria during 2020 that offer a unique interpretation of A new normal, the kind of images that will provide insight for generations to come about what it was like to live through this pandemic. Send us the photographs you’ve already shot, or take your camera with you on your daily walk. Just be sure that you follow current public health advice, including wearing a face mask and maintaining a physical distance of 1.5 metres between yourself and others at all times.

I have submitted 3 images made in the limited times I was able to be out and about. These are two of those.

Toilet paper before the shortages
2020-03-06 13:47:01 Geelong.

The first was made in Geelong when I was there on business other than photography using my only camera at the time, my iPhone XS. I snapped this picture out of sheer surprise and humour as I felt the price was ridiculous for 48 rolls of toilet paper. A day or two later I regretted not buying it when I had the chance. It feels like it took more than six weeks for supplies to return to normal. We just made it though on our supply as I often buy enough when it is on special at the supermarket.

Maked sculpture from the first lockdown period.
2020-04-11, 16:17:59. Braybrook, Melbourne

The second image made a month later was a fortuitous moment on a return trip from the supermarket. The mask was removed from the statue a few days later so I’m glad I stopped and made a few pictures of it as well. This one however I used my point and shoot and I’m glad I did. Both have been processed using Luminar 4 which has become my new digital asset management and processing tool. clicking on the link helps me with some minor benefits from MacPhun software, makers of Luminar 4.

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