Andy Adams & Flakphoto

screen grab of Andy Adams & Substack

Andy Adams has started a new creative outlet. He is using Substack to broadcast news and information. I too am trying to shift my creative energies so have eagerly signed up.

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Here’s how Andy describes this new venture:-

So I’m using Substack to share community news, recommend books, show some pictures, and talk about the artists I admire. Sound good? Sign up here to get on the list.

As an opt-in service it sounds like a good idea.

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Gary over at Thoughtfactory is now writing a newsletter. Like so many  he is distancing himself from the devils bargain that is “free” Facebook gmail and so on.  I totally support this move back to the pre facebook era. A time when blogs and blogging held sway. At absolutely no cost to the reader.

Encourage him and others like him so we can reclaim the web.

Here’s a little list of newsletters I subscribe too.

  • Craig Mod [Ridgeline free] [Roden Subscriber based] is a Japanese based Photographer and Writer.
  • Noah Kalina is a US based Commercial Photographer
  • Jöerg Colberg is a US based Photographer, Academic and Writer
  • Andy Adams is a US based Curator and all round friend of photography.
  • Lewis Bush is a UK based Academic and Writer
  • Suzanne Phoenix is a Melbourne Based Photographer Photobook maker and Artist.
  • FoPG The Friends of Photography Group (FoPG) is a film photography group based in Melbourne, Australia. Membership is free and you are emailed events and exhibitions.

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