Google recently advised me of over 100 pages on my site that were returning 404 error messages. After a bit of digging I discovered a small snippet of code had malformed quotation marks, curly (“) instead of straight (″) . It took many hours of work to fix this. As my career draws to a close I’m hoping to set up shop on somewhere online to try and garner some small level of income. So Google ranking may be important for me moving forward, even if I object to the enshitification of the web. I am also trying to contribute the the small web too.

Anyway during the process I noticed that Safari was hogging a lot of resources. So I switched to iCab an excellent alternative. And it turns out far less resource hungry. As I’m currenlty relying on my 2015 work issued laptop having tools slow is a nuisance. To be expected, but bothersome none the less. Moving forward if this helps generally in my day to day work flow and can keep using this older laptop; great. The alternative is to splash out on a new desktop while not impossible not quite that high in my priorites right now.

Arc is another alternative, but I doubt it will offer the benfits that I’ve noticed in iCab. Vivladi is also a good browser.

About the author.
Stuart Murdoch is an Artist and Part time Photo Educator, with over 30 years of teaching experience. He contemplates many things photographic. His ruminations include his own work as well other’s and the aspects of technology that impact on the sharing and consumption of Photographs. And of course the act of making and taking photographs in the 21st century.

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