iPhone 14 Hardware & Software at night

Ever wondered how an  iPhone 14 Hardware & Software will perform at night?

My current iPhone, a 14 Pro, has been performing spectacularly since I bought it. This is an example of what it allows me to photograph. A situation where film would be almost impossible without a ton of pre-planning, and a healthy does of luck. And even with a DSLR some extra equipment. As it is, I stood in the one spot held the camera steady enough and the hardware and software took care of everything else. Three snaps later we moved on and got in the car to go home.

Moonee Ponnds 2024-06-14 20:46:07. How my iPhone 14 pro perorms at night? A hand held photo of a busy road in Moonee Ponds. I’m standnig by the side of the road on the nature strip as cars whizz past creating light trails. A trolley occupies the foreground, along with a pole for some utility, and a parked grey ute. Trees peter out in the distance and the sky is an incandescent blue.
Moonee Ponnds 2024-06-14 20:46:07

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I couldn’t be happier with how my iPhone 14 Pro performs at night.

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