TBT [2019-06-13]

3 empty shuttle bus seats LAX
Three empty shuttle bus seats on the way LAX, our second day of travel home to Melbourne in 2019

Throwback Thursday, this time 12 months ago we were returning from a trip to NYC, via Los Angeles. At this point we had been in transit for 24 hours.

We had already lost a day by being forced to stay overnight in Los Angeles. A delayed flight was blamed.

Surprisingly we weren’t able to choose our seats at the ticket counter. Yet the aircraft had a large number of empty seats when we finally boarded.

At least we got two aisle seats which makes getting up and down on long haul flights a tad more comfortable. By the time we hit the tarmac in Melbourne we had been in transit for 3 days!

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Quotes in the time of the pandemic

The sunrises over my backyard
The sunrises over my backyard 2020-04-21 07:34:00

“when I was younger, I wanted to make images that made people go wow. As I developed as a photographer, I realised I wanted to make images that make people go hmm.”
Teju Cole

True words those! Indeed!

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