TYAT 2014-06-02

Ten years ago today, I was photographing this scene at least once a day at 8:30. Eventually the tree was cut down so I stopped making this picture.

I created a special tumblr for the idea too.

This is something that draws me to digital photography, and in particular, Smart Phone photography. Other ideas revolving around iPhones as cameras and the metadata they produce interest me as well. Lastly having tools that enable me to quckly and meaningfully search my digital archive are equally important to my creative practice.

Sunrises on the second official day of winter ten years ago, today. The scene is a mundane shcool oval with a lone gum tree. The light is spectaular as it is an ealry mor ning photo taken just as the sun rises in winter in June 2014. The time was 08:11:06.
Sunrises over a school sporting oval, on the second day of winter 2014. Ten years ago today. The time was 08:11:06.

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Stuart Murdoch is an Artist and Part time Photo Educator, with over  30 years of teaching experience. He contemplates  many things photographic. His ruminations include his own work as well other’s and the aspects of technology that impact on the sharing and consumption of Photographs.
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