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Stuart Murdoch, welcomes you to his Archive

January 2004


Back from Tassie. What a backlog of notes thoughts and images to catch up on? Currently the core of the info can be found on my Tasmania page. FWIW, I shot 5 rolls of Ektachrome 100, and merely 206 digital images, bit disappointed in myself really?


Just discovered that you can write in foreign languages in Photoshop! Going to be fun being able to make graphical text for the sake of the look of it. Opens up all sorts of possibilities. Also more on the sorting out old negs, discovered an old Pyro neg. When I proofed it up it reminded me why I used to use it. Back for some experimenting/testing I go. It has a tonal scale that just has to be seen to be believed, I used to believe that it was capable of recording over 14 stops! I'd like to see a CCD record that!


Currently being driven nuts by cross browser inconsistencies, heaven knows, I can ill afford to lose anymore hair!


Some facts?

I have shot 243 images on my digital camera this month alone.

Since going on holidays on the 19th of December 2003 I have shot a total of 422 images, and I still have a short sojourn interstate later this month before going back to work.

10.01.04 12:45

Just uploaded my 2004 Photoshop Workshop/tutorial Dates for the first part of the year. So if your a photographer, teacher, student or just plain curious about Photoshop, and want to learn more about this program check the details out, download an application form or contact me to reserve a place. These small intimate workshops only EVER have 5 participants, each with their own workstation and access to Epson Printers good quality scanners and CD burners. Perhaps you might like to download the 2 day photoshop workshop outline {pdf 95kb requires acrobat 4}?

06.01.04 20:21


The first for the new year! Popped into the darkroom to tone some prints today. Started poking around for some information on a few odds ands and sodds, in the process two things happened.
One. Found my original film chart from my D25 T-Max 400 calibration.
Two. Looked at some old proof sheets going back almost twenty years.
The significance of these two small details isn't ground breaking but I feel important enough to warrant a small note here.

Firstly the chart, it contained some figures that made me question the times I have been using for some time now, this lead to a search for these figure being written down in one of my many ‘notebooks’ this in turn lead me to discover an interesting quotation that I had written down somewhere I think… it was a quotation, I really like it, it sums up what the way I'd like my work to be ‘read’ sadly I didn't note where I had it gotten it from.

Secondly not only did I look at old work through fresh eyes, and wonder about re-printing them, and of course there are many memories associated with them. People, places, events some fond some sad. The power of photographic images always astounds me. Any wonder the first thing people go for when their house is on fire is the family photos. I only recently am beginning to appreciate this aspect of photographic imagery. I guess because of my age and the age of the work, after nearly twenty years of image making using a camera I actually have quite a collection of imagery that is capable of flooding lot's of these memories.

Been spending a lot of time in either the study of the darkroom/shed lately. The image above is a nice representation of how I feel about my study a place where I probably spend too much time. Like most images on most web sites this is only a small thumbnail and clicking it will show the whole image.