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Having trouble with your shiny new Apple device? No longer able to get free support from Apple? I now offer a one to one tuition service for Macintosh computers in your home.

As an educator who has used Apple Macs in his day to day work since 1995, I have always been happy with the ease of use that macs allowed in all my classroom settings. I have installed operating systems, added peripherals and done pretty much anything and everything needed to keep a classroom full of macs running and running well. I have helped many people learn to use their new apple products over the years, now with more and more apple products finding their way into homes I am offering to help people out of sticky situations; and learn to love using their new Macs.

One of the biggest furphys out there is that you need Microsoft Word installed on your computer for example, in actual fact you don't as there are several work arounds. Some free some cost money, I can show you all the options avaliable to you.

My Apple Mac 1 to 1 tuition services include:-

*Typically these will run over several self paced sessions giving you the chance to learn at your own pace.

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