Flickr Groups I administer

Flickr groups are a great way to share images and ideas

In the early days of Flickr prior to the Yahoo takeover groups flourished. As people found each other on what was then one of the most socially active photography sites on the internet so too they created groups. I have over the years been adding to my list of groups that I administer.

When Flickr was taken over by Smugmug in 2018 many groups had already begun to languish. Some groups I created myself others I was invited to admin and others I ended up as default administrator as others left the group.

Due to changes implemented by Smugmug, I was able to gain control over at least one group that seemed to have lapsed completely.

Gone though are the days where groups form spontaneously and I currently administer about 72 groups. Of course not all of these are thriving communities, they are not all listed here either. Most just tick along as people drop images into them. The hope being that the image will gain more views or perhaps get into the "explore" algorithm.

Here's a list of most of the groups I administer roughly in order of frequency of updates, as of December 2023.

This my change over the coming months especially; as Flickr turns 20 in 2024!