Photoshop Weekend Workshops

Photoshop Workshops are currently in Hiatus.

Workshops in Photoshop™ , Melbourne Australia.

Due to staffing issues and funding cuts, we are putting these courses on hold for a short period of time, if you like I can add you to our mailing list, by emailing me, and you will be notified when the classes resume.

My photoshop workshops and tutorials run over 2 days, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The dates and content will be displayed here and updated several times a year when they resume.

The workshops and tutorials in Photoshop™ are run using the fantastic facilities provided by N.C.A.T photography, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The format and approach varies but one thing remains consistent, each class is small, between 3 and 5 people, with as much “hands on” as is needed by the individal.

Having personally undertaken various photoshop classes and workshops throughout my life [amongst other software classes] there was one thing that bugged me during these workshops. The fact that there never seemed to be enough time allowed to permit me to experiment and learn.

This is where my photoshop classes come in. I have access to a lab of 12 computers, 3 scanners and 4 inkjet printers, I could, if I so chose, pack the room/s out and rush a large group of people through the software at hand. The experience would leave most attendees unsatisfied, and be incredibly hard work for me. Instead I offer a relaxed environment where I demonstrate key areas of the software being taught and allow attendees to play/learn/experiment in between, at their own pace.  If this suits your learning style then read on.

Photoshop™ Workshops/Tutorials

Photoshop has become and industry standard image editing application, taught at many levels and in many professions.  If you are a Photographer, Student of Photography, a Teacher of Photographer, or a keen Amateur photographer, then this is the short course for you.

The Photoshop workshops I run are aimed at beginner to intermediate users. Some of my past students have been, Teachers, (Photography, Multi Media, and Art), Photographers, Pro or Amateur, and many people with a keen interest in Photoshop and Photography. Photoshop Workshop attendees receive comprehensive course notes, lunch, light refreshments and all needed media to successfully complete the course.

Topics covered include, selections - which tool for the job, masking - why and how, painting and drawing tools, layers, layer masks, adjustment layers, setting preferences, printing, scanning, archiving your work to CD, file formats - what to use and when, making a colour photograph 'look' hand coloured, burning and dodging techniques, and any other issue the student wishes to address. Interested?

The course costs $499.00 and this includes lunch, as well as all materials required to complete the course. The dates below, are updated frequently, as I receive bookings.

Photoshop Resources

Here are some links to some background information on the history of Photoshop, one article by Computer Arts, this one by Derrick Story

Advanced Photoshop Workshops

If you are more interested in advanced and in-depth photoshop workshops in Melbourne are run by Les Walkling

I am also open to discussion on made to measure photoshop classes, lectures or tutorials, contact me for more info.

Photoshop Workshop Locations

N.C.A.T photography is situated at 62 Murray Road Preston, here.