missi at home in Sunshine

Missi the Manx. Our pampered princess lead a charmed life. She was always healthy and happy, even when we uprooted her from her original home in Hawthorn and moved to our first house in Sunshine.

Missi was spoled, and sometimes a fussy eater. Despite this she did not like bein taken to the vets. Something that happened rarely.

She was nearly 21 years old when she passed away. This is extraordinary for any cat never mind a Manx. You see Manx cats have lots of hereditary problems that shorten their lives. The Manx breed suffers from two specific health problems, Manx Syndrome and arthritis.

Manx cats are a fairly hearty breed, though they're prone to Manx Syndrome, a spinal disorder that can occur as a result of the genetic mutation that causes taillessness. In Manx Syndrome, the tail winds up too short, leading to often fatal spinal defects. Fused vertebrae, gaps between vertebrae and spina bifida. Symptoms appear between birth and four months of age. Lots more over on the vet info site

Last update? 12.03.2020