Evidence provided to satisfactorily gain Recognition of Prior Learning for the Certificate IV in Training & Assessing. After a meeting dated the 14th of October 2008, the following units needed evidence.

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Work Units/Competencies

TAAENV402B Foster & Promote an inclusive learning culture.

Orientation week at PIC involves several events, as an active staff member, I contribute at a variety of levels, one of which is producing the student handbook. The last version resides on the pic web server, there are 2 volumes, volume 1 covers 1st Year, volume 2 covers 2nd year.

Evidence of assisting students with learning disabilities.

From: murdoch.stuart.a@edumail.vic.gov.au
Subject: Andrew from Group 4
Date: 12 March 2007 4:20:52 PM
To: monihan.helen.e@edumail.vic.gov.au

Hi Helen.

We have a student in our course who appears to have some difficulty with note taking in class. As the special needs coordinator can you provide some resources for us to help Andrew with his note taking in class?

From: monihan.helen.e@edumail.vic.gov.au
Subject: RE: Andrew from Group 4
Date: 14 March 2007 11:20:52 AM
Hi Stuart,
I propose a meeting between Andrew, you and myself to see how we can help, does Monday afternoon next week, the 19th suit, say around 1:00pm?

On 14 March 2007 4:20:52 PM Stuart Murdoch wrote

Hi Helen.

Great Andrew and I shall meet you in your office then.

Notes transcribed from my meeting/s with Helen and Andrew

19.03.07 Meeting, between Helen, Andrew, and Myself, regarding Andrew's learning difficulties.

Helen chats with Andrew to make him feel comfortable, and after a few minutes Andrew has relaxed and opened up a little. His home life seems settled, and after more gentle prodding, it seems that he is suffering from Dyslexia.

Helen, then proposes a meeting between Andrew and the Dyslexia Association of Victoria.

The meeting was scheduled for 23.04.07

The meeting with Dyslexia Assessment and Education Centre, had to be rescheduled several times to due illness from both myself and Andrew, Andrew's reluctant to commit to a time and date also compounded the issue.

By June, Andrew's attendance had dropped sharply. I decided to meet with Helen again with or without Andrew and discuss the situation.

From: murdoch.stuart.a@edumail.vic.gov.au
Subject: Andrew from Group 4
Date: 22 June 2007 1:20:52 PM
To: monihan.helen.e@edumail.vic.gov.au

Hi Helen.

I have seen Andrew briefly 2 this term and never long enough to sit him down and ask him when we can re-schedule a meeting with, Dyslexia Assessment and Education Centre. Can we get together and plan some other means of helping Andrew?

Helen's Response

From: monihan.helen.e@edumail.vic.gov.au
Subject: re: Andrew's Meeting with DAEC
Date: 22 June 2007 1:20:52 PM

Hi Stuart, sure how about Monday, at 9:30 am?

Notes from meeting between Helen and myself Monday 25th of June 2007.

Andrew's attendance has dropped sharply since the initial meeting and repeated phone calls to his home have yielded no response from him or his family.

It is decided we will send a letter to his home address, by certified mail. This too yields no response.

Andrew is not seen for the remainder of term 2 and for the whole of term 3. Early in term 4 he contacts the admin at pic and asked for a withdrawal form.

November 21, returns his withdrawal form and Andrew is formally withdrawn. I e-mail Helen to inform her of the outcome.

Kym, a returning Student:-

Notes transcribed from my diary of several meetings between Kym H and myself

1st December 2007 2:00pm
Kym, a student at pic from Feb, 2005- July 2006 has approached me to complete her studies. She informs me that, part way through 2006, she suffered some health issues and was not able to complete her studies.
She wishes to negotiate a part time attendance for 2007 to complete her unfinished units and compile a folio of work to apply for tertiary studies.

2nd December 9:30am
Mick Sirianni the H.O.D is informed of this and agrees, provided she has 2 points of contact at the school. Gayle Slater agrees, to be the 2nd point of contact.

2nd December 1:00pm
Kym and I negotiate that she will attend 1 day a week all year and receive individual tuition during my free time-slots, Wednesdays from 2:00pm to 4:00 pm, and Friday's from 11:oo am to 1:00pmto . She will also undertake several workshops throughout the year.

Kym attended all one to one classes and workshops and successfully completed the outstanding units of the Diploma of Arts [Applied Photography]

3rd February 2008

Kym rings me to inform me she has been accepted into the Under Graduate Fine Arts course at R.M.I.T


TAAENV403B Ensure a healthy and safe learning Environment

I compiled, PIC's OH&S Policy, it resides on the web

As the OH&S officer, I am responsible for any issues that arise with Health and Safety, here is a recent e-mail sent to all staff. The issue not 100% resolved, but all staff are aware of the issue.

E-mail sent by Stuart Murdoch regarding an OH&S issue at PIC.

From: s2art@stunik.com
Subject: OH&S Incident Report 2008.10.15
Date: 15 October 2008 6:29:51 PM
To: pic staff all

Hello everyone.
While working back late with the students, here on Wednesday, there was the 2nd of two floods in the analogue b&w darkroom.
The problem was traced to a blocked outlet on the settling tank under the sink in 1a.
I have temporarily cleared the blockage, however further action is required.
I propose that on Monday next week the tank be drained and cleaned thoroughly, myself or Chris could do this.
However this leads to another issue that was identified in the last OH&S audit.
The flooring in this darkroom needs to have it's non-slip surface re-applied.
I propose that this be done as part of the annual maintenance procedure.
I will add these items to the minutes for next weeks meeting, for further discussion.

Stuart Murdoch
0418595592 .m
9804 6341/98046340 .w
9311 7925 .h
M.A. Grad Dip. Ed B.A

Here is another e-mail I received and it's response from me.

From: irene@pic.org.au
Subject: OHS in regards to the East wing Digital room
Date: 12 September 2008 2:09:24 PM
To: s2art@stunik.com
Hello Stuart, I am writing to inform you of possible OHS issues in regards to the East wing Digital room. After my recent report, I found that there was one element that needs immediate attention. That would be the situation of the Computer power cords that are situated on the floor of the classroom. Eliminating this hazard needs to be addressed asap.
Thank you for your time,
Irene Alessandro

My response

From: s2art@stunik.com
Subject: Re: OHS in regards to the East wing Digital room
Date: 12 September 2008 4:20:52 PM
To: irene@pic.org.au
Thank you I will contact the electricians and ask them to fix the issue, asap



TAADES401B Use Training Packages to meet client needs

  1. Unit Code and Title:- CUVVSP12B, Produce Digital Images
  2. The Training package Code & Name CUV03
  3. IBSA, innovation and business skills Australia
  4. Curriculum Manager, Arts Recreation and Human services [Swinburne]
  5. Each Element:-
    1. Prepare and maintain resources for digital imaging work
    2. Explore digital techniques to plan work
    3. Realise digital images
  6. Brief Description of Job Role:-
    Anyone who needs to capture digital images, for a variety of purposes such as, Designer, Web Designer, Imaging Scientist, Photographer, Photo-Journalist Product Photographer, Editorial Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Fine Artist.
  7. One example of Each of dimensions of competency
    Task skill:-
    Acquire images from a digital, operate a Tripod.
    Task management skills:-
    Organise props, organise models, organise a shooting space/studio.
    Contingency Skill:-
    Where to send a camera for repairs, how install software on a computer.
  8. Job/Role Environment skill from this standard:-
    Provide an example, of in your own words, 1 or 2 of the main [Mayer] employability skills are applied or where they appear in the elements &/or performance criteria &/or unit.
    Planning and Organising:-
    Book models and organising studio space, sketch out the lighting set up, make sure all equipment is functioning and ready for the shoot.
    Problem Solving:-
    Check cables if equipment malfunctions, read a histogram on a camera to check exposure and lighting.
  9. Examples of methods you may use to train this unit:-
    Begin with a whiteboard demonstration and discussion about using a digital capture device such as a 35mm camera, set a small assignment that involves a practical application of a digital camera, as well as downloading to a computer. Organise the images into applicable folders, and write a report about any observations drawn from the experience.
  10. An Example of how you would assess someone undertaking this unit.
    Examine the images for technical quality, conceptual complexity and successful completion of the brief. The images should demonstrate an understanding on the functions of the camera. Also the client will demonstrate they understand, how to operate the camera in a manner that produces results that respond creatively to the brief. Get the client to locate the exif data associated with the file and write it down on the exercise sheet that went with the brief.
  11. Outline 1 or 2 OH&S considerations for training/assessing:-
    Make sure that lighting in the computer environment is correct. Make sure all cabling in the photography studio is safe and orderly.


TAADEL403B Facilitate Individual Learning



TAADEL404B Facilitate Work Based Learning

Recently in 2008, we had a new staff member join us, my contribution to inducting her was, to write/compile the Staff Manual, this resides on the pic website. I also coordinated some specific instruction on several processes and software tools we use at pic, in particular, the use of Dreamweaver and the use of Indesign.

Lesson Plan for Irene , Feb 2008.


At the beginning of each session with Irene, I discussed what we were going to cover, and after the first session I also briefly revised what material we had previously covered.

Then I proceeded to demonstrate using a computer and data projector, the areas we had identified that needed to be covered. Each week Irene undertook smaller tasks, the built on each area of knowledge.

At the end of the training session, Irene created a small personal webpage that resided on the pic intranet.

Lesson Plan for Irene April 2008


At the beginning of each session with Irene, I discussed what we were going to cover, and after the first session I also briefly revised what material we had previously covered.

As Irene's exposure to this software package was limited, we decide to create a loose introductory series of lessons.

Her experience designing for her previous employer using other software meant we could skip the fundamentals of design and move straight into the software itself. Her understanding of typography also enabled us to fast track the lessons based on these areas. Her Diploma of Art, coved several issues as well in regards to design and colour, therefore, the majority of the lessons focused on the actual use of the tool Indesign itself.

Then I proceeded to demonstrate using a computer and data projector, the areas we had identified that needed to be covered. Each week Irene undertook small tasks, that built on each area of knowledge.

At the end of the training session, Irene created a small personal booklet, which she printed out, and published to a CD rom.


TAADEL401B Plan & Organise assessment

See TAADEL402B Assess Competence


TAADEL402B Assess competence

Trevor, a case study.

Trevor approached PIC photographic imaging college late in 2007, asking to enrol in the Diploma of Arts [Applied Photography]. He had successfully completed the first year of the diploma at Central TAFE in Western Australia, and had read the school's policy online. I was asked by the head of department at pic, to assist in the assessment of his RPL aplication.

These are the notes transcribed from my diary of the meeting between Trevor, Micheal Sirriani [PIC's H.O.D], and myself.

2007.11.29, 10:00am PIC staff room.

Trevor informs Mick and myself that he wishes to apply for an RPL for the following units.

This list represents the majority of the 1st year of the course at PIC, the only missing unit was Video Production.

We organised a meeting to ask Trevor some questions about his experiences and his earleir study.

My notes don't list all the responses but most were confident and succint.

He handed back his RPL form, which he had downloaded from the pic website's rpl page.

Trevor produced the following as evidence:-

Here is a listing of exmaples he produced for CUVPHI04B Apply photoimaging lighting techniques

He enrolled in, Video Production in 2008, to finish the units of 1st year off. My notes say that the standard of work was high.

After he filled in our RPL application form, we granted the RPL and Trevor commenced studies with us.


TAAASS403B Develop Assessment Tools

I have created several tools to assess the digital classes I teach, all are pdfs.

Here are some more HOT off the press.


TAAASS403A Develop Assessment Plans

An assessment plan,again a pdf.

TAAASS404B Participate in Assessment Validation

Minutes from a meeting attended in 2007, for Assessment Validation

This time on a letter head


TAADEL301B Provide training through instruction & demonstration of work skills.

A teaching Hand out I use to teach, CUVVSP12a

An excerpt from The 13 week outline I teach it from.