Photography/Design/Art Links

These are some of the links I've found are particularly useful, in no particular order, mostly photographic some not so.

A deep and useful resource for all things analogue

My pictures on the National Library of Australia's website Trove

Refractions a quarterly hard copy magazine.
[Edit 2018] The hard copy magazine has gone into hiatus future unknown.

Pat Goltz, artist, photographer and Fractal designer.

Eva Collins, her photographic work is strong, and graphic, she is also a writer.

Chris runs, he has an extensive list of anaoluge resources from Australia.

Bart Kowalski, designer, musician, artist and all round great guy.

Robert; whose digital processing and printing skills are exceptional.

Andrew a talented and hard working photographer.

Peter another geeky guy, from Sydney

Reframing Photography, a website, that co-exists with a book, fantastic resources for all levels of serious photographers., an online portal of great photography from around the world, Andy Adams has done a great curatorial job in selecting some of the best photographers out there practising at the moment. He also runs a facebook group.

American Suburb X, a vast resource of photograpy related articles.

Photography Links galore on

An Interesting albeit slightly US biased article on documentary photography history and 'the truth'

The Cyber Gallery of the FSA project

Masters of Photography a must read if you are serious about your photography

The Photographer's History of Photography

Kodak's site, for how long, who knows?

Blind Spot contemporary photographic art magazine

Don't take pictures. An odd name for a photography publication, published twice per year, with back issues able to be read on

An Online Guide to Photography History

Building a darkroom? Talk to this guy

George Eastman House in the USA

Les Walkling, a former teacher, his thoughts on photography, digital imaging

CCP Centre for Contemporary Photography Melbourne Australia

CCP in Arizona I place I want to visit again before I shuffle off this mortal coil. experimental artist's resource

A brief treatise by the Web's 'inventor' on his vision

What are web standards and why should we use them?

Photoshop tutorial site lots of free pdf's!

Dr. Marcus Bunyan's art blog, artblart

Gerry Badger's online writing about photogrpahy.

Dr. James McArdle an Australian artist and academic runs a very interesting blog entitled On this day in photogrpahy. Where he writes about events that have occured throughout history tied to a specific date. I highly recommend it.

Joerg Colberg's extensive blog on photography.

My Behance portfolio.

My cargo collective portfolio

More photography links can be found on my pages, following me on twitter may help you dig up more links, no guarantees there though.

My tumblr, for sharing thoughts and ideas about my creative photographic projects and ideas.

My photo-a-day tumblr, lo-resdaily, used to try and create a larger narrative as part of my daily picture making. [curently in moving along in fits and starts]

My flickr stream, has also developed into an ongoing curatorial project.

Trocadero Art space, an artist's run initiave in the inner western suburn of Footscray.

I work teaching photography at PIC @ NCAT, applications to study photogrpahy open in September, and run through until Janauary the following year

Ancient Histroy [since 1999], my old tripod site still active!

Build your own XML sitemap, because well you know you want to be "found" by google right?

I have a wordpress blog now

My old deviantart page

Melbourne Photobook Collective, I am a founding member. There is also a links page relevant to photobook making as well

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