Our House

Our Renovations

This is the front of our house not long after we bought it in 2000

This is where we brag about our house renovations and improvements.

We bought this house in 2000 for $157,000, yes you read that right! In that time we have renovated three times. I creeated this page in 2018.

The first renovation was fairly cheap and straightforward we removed the carpet, sanded and polished the floorboards, stripped and painted the walls, it would to take us a year or two to paint and fix the exterior of the building.

The next renovation was to strip out the bathroom and repaint the interior of the house.

The most recent changes was a major 6 month remodel of the house adding a 4th bedroom, 2nd bathroom, study and new kitchen/living areas as well as a deck. The most exciting part for me was the shed being reclad which meant my darkroom was all wired and plumbed and running as it should.

First renovation

Mainly cosmetic and done ourselves with the help of family.

Second Renovation

Bathroom remodel and repaint.

Third renovation

Major extensions

Date modified? 06/10/2018