Early Experiments with a Nokia Phone Camera

What is a phone camera for?

My first phone camera was a Nokia, in about 2000. Broadband INTERNET was still nowhere near as ubiquitous as it is today. Web 2.0 was unheard of, and the iPhone was 7 years away. I had no idea what I was going to use this new camera for. Needless to say, unhindered by any expectation as to what I was going to achieve, here are the results of that experiment. These are the results that have survived, various backups and media. I suspect I made many more pictures than this?

Click the here for a simple slideshow. This page is an edited version of the entire 200+ files that remain, and a kind of digital book. The sequencing is something other than a chronoligical choice.

I have also created a small Zine, contact me if you wish to purchase a copy.

raw beginnings